Friday 16 October 2020

Stepping Back into Saxon England - Blog Tour

From 1st-15th October, 2020, Helen Hollick and I went on tour, visiting authors and bloggers and taking it in turns to talk about our writing, or the history behind our writing.

We discussed various aspects of Anglo-Saxon era life, highlighted some of our favourite characters - Ealdgyth, wife of Harold Godwineson AND the king of Wales, Æthelflæd (of course!) and her daughter, King Penda, Queen Emma...
We also talked about our writing, where the ideas come from, why we love the period, and tried to separate fact from fiction, particularly with regard to Æthelred, Lord of the Mercians and that fateful battle of 1066.

If you missed any of the stops, or you'd like to revisit them, here is the full list of links:

Annie hosted by Helen Hollick:

Lady Godiva – Who Was She, and Did She Really?

Helen hosted by Word Wenches: Why Do We Do It?

Annie hosted by Lisl Zlitni

Who Was the Lord of the Mercians?

Helen - hosted by Tony Riches

Undoing The Facts For The Benefit Of Fiction?

Annie  - hosted by Pam Lecky

Murder in Saxon England

Helen - hosted by Derek Birks

King Arthur? From Roman Britain To Saxon England

Annie  - hosted by Samantha Wilcoxson

Æthelflæd's Daughter 

Helen - hosted by Cryssa Bazos

An Anthology Of Authors

Annie  - hosted by Elizabeth St John 

Anglo-Saxon Family Connections

Helen - hosted by Judith Arnopp

Alditha: Wife. Widow. Mother.

Annie - hosted by Brook Allen

Roman Remains - Did the Saxons Use Them?

Helen - hosted by Amy Maroney

Emma Of Normandy, Queen Of Anglo-Saxon England – Twice

Annie - hosted by Simon Turney

Penda: Fictional and Historical 'Hero' 

Helen  - hosted by Annie 

The Battle Begins...

And finally: a joint post hosted by both of us 

Annie - Casting Light Upon The Shadow

Helen - Let Us Talk Of Many Things

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