Alvar the Kingmaker

Winner of an indieBRAG Gold Medallion!
In 10th Century England, nobleman Alvar knows that securing the throne for the young and worthy King Edgar will brand him as an oath-breaker. As a fighting man, he is indispensable to the new sovereign, but his success and power gain him deadly, murderous enemies amongst those who seek favour with the king. 
Alvar must fight to protect his lands, and his position, and learn the subtle art of politics. He must also, as a man of principle, keep secret his love for the wife of his trusted deputy. 
Civil war erupts, and Alvar once again finds himself the only man capable of setting a new king upon the throne of England, an act which comes at great personal cost. His career began with a dishonourable deed to help a good king; now he must be loyal to a new king, Aethelred, whom he knows will be weak, and whose supporters have been accused of regicide. 
Can he bring about peace, reconcile with his enemies, and find personal happiness, whilst all the time doing his duty to his loved ones? 
And what of the fragile Queen, who not only depends upon him but has fallen in love with him? 
Aelfhere (Alvar) of Mercia was known to the chroniclers as the "The blast of the mad wind from the Western territories" but also as "The glorious earl." This is his story.
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Praise for the first novel in my Mercian 'trilogy':
"The book is full of detail, add to this an insightful historical note from the author left me in no doubt this is a 5 star book. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more - Annie Whitehead managed to make the character of Aethelflaed come alive for me.. I felt for her... I didn’t want to put the book down"

Annie is a history graduate and part time freelance Early Years music teacher and mother of three children. Now that those children are all grown-up, she has found the time to return to her first love - history. To Be a Queen is the first of three novels set in Mercia during the so-called Dark Ages, and it has been recently nominated for the Historical Novel Society’s Indie book of the Year 2016 and awarded, like 'Alvar', an IndieBrag gold medallion.

She has twice been a prize-winner in the Mail on Sunday Novel Writing competition and was first-prize winner in the New Writer Prose and Poetry competition 2012.

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