Monday, 26 October 2015

# Lucky Seven - excerpt

I've been nominated by Elaine Moxon and Matthew Harffy to publish 7 lines from my WIP (Work in progress).
The idea is that you take a page ending in 7, then go to line 7 and post the next 7 lines.

Well, I've taken a couple of liberties: firstly, this is not strictly my WIP, but a completed Ms to be released in the new year.
Secondly, it is not an excerpt which began on the 7th line, nor is is 7 lines. But it IS from a page ending in 7 and it happens to be exactly 7 sentences, so I think it will count.

Alfreda sang quietly while she worked with the batches of wool. The rhythmic movement of the carding combs moving back and forth in her hands was familiar from childhood and now, as then, she was soothed by the pulsing regularity of the action. She sat slightly apart from the other women. She was still unsure how much they knew or guessed and she wished neither to insult them by pretending, nor to reveal the truth if they were not already aware. Thus rendered dumb, she worked alone, speaking only when she needed some more wool to work on. She had almost finished the latest lot when she heard the shouting. She was always frightened by the yelling, but now her hand went quickly to her belly in an instinctively protective gesture.

I nominate authors Jane Risdon, Angela Rigley, Maire Flannery, Nicola Layouni, Carol Hedges, Catherine Curzon and Sean MacCotter


  1. Oh this is intriguing and I am left wondering what happens next, what is it about? Good luck with this Annie. Where do I post? My blog page cannot be added to your comment as box. It is

    1. Thanks Jane - it's another Anglo-Saxon story but more political than violent! I'm hoping for a release early in the new year. Meanwhile, if you want to 'pass it on', go to any page of your WIP, pick a page ending in 7, then go to line 7 and post 7 lines. Using #LuckySeven, post either on your blog with a link to fb, or direct to fb, and nominate 7 more authors :)

  2. Looks riveting - would love to read more! One thought from Mrs Pedantic... is the word 'yelling' in common use in the period your story is set in? Even if it is, it feels quite a modern word in its context.... by maybe that's just me.

  3. Hi Stephanie - would you believe that 'yell' is actually derived from Old English (gellan - pronounced with a soft g)? But I take your point that it might sound too modern. Sometimes authenticity can jar. Duly noted and thanks :)

  4. Annie, your books are on my TBR list for when I can indulge in some non stop reading. I just know that if I begin a nove like yours, I'll become totally immersed and not want to stop. This excerpt sounds very intriguing. Roll on the summer when I will have time to wallow in words!

  5. Ooh thank you - that's lovely to know. I second that: roll on summer!!