Other Recommended Blogs

I've frequently visited these blogs and always enjoyed the posts I've read on their pages.

This is a list of blogs that I personally recommend (in no particular order):

Stephanie Hopkins at ~ layeredpages

Mimi Matthews at ~ mimimatthews

Helen Hollick at ~ ofhistoryandkings

The Review at ~ thereview

Sharon Bennett Connolly at ~ historytheinterestingbits

Regina Jeffers at ~ reginajeffers

Anna Belfrage at ~ annabelfrage

Nancy Bilyeau at ~ Tudorscribe

E.M. Powell at ~ empowell

Samantha Wilcoxson at ~ samanthawilcoxson

Kim Rendfeld at ~ kimrendfeld

Diana Wilder at ~ dianawilder

Judith Arnopp at ~ juditharnoppnovelist

Anne Phillips at ~ annephillips

Janet Wertman at ~ JanetWertman

Jane Risdon at ~ JaneRisdon

Christopher Monk at ~ The Anglo-Saxon Monk

Georgia Hill at ~ Georgia Hill

Maria Grace at ~ Random bits of fascination

Cryssa Bazos at ~ Cryssa Bazos

Pam Lecky at ~ Pam Lecky

Susan Abernethy ~ The Freelance History Writer

Expats ~ Expats

Sammy James ~ Historical Diaries

Thijs Porck ~ The Dutch Anglo-Saxonist

And please check out all the wonderful authors who regularly contribute to ~ English Historical Fiction Authors


  1. Many thanks for adding me to this list Annie. I am thrilled and honoured. Most appreciated. :)

    1. The pleasure's all mine Jane - and it's a handy reference for me too, to remind me which blogs I've enjoyed and wish to revisit :)

  2. Thanks so much for including me, Annie :) And amongst such distinguished company, too!

  3. Genuinely my pleasure Mimi - I've read and enjoyed all of these blogs so it really is my personal recommendation, whatever that's worth! :)

  4. Very kind of you to include me. Thank you!

  5. Very kind of you to include me. Thank you!

    1. You're very welcome - I'm not sure how much of an accolade it is, but these are my personal recommendations. I'm maybe no great judge, but I do know what I like! :)

  6. Thanks for adding me here, Annie! I like this idea & might have to create a similar page for my blog.

    1. You're very welcome, Samantha. These is a genuine list of blogs which I've visited and enjoyed, so very much my own personal recommendation - not sure how much of an accolade that is, mind you! :)

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  8. Wow! Thank you for including me! Honored!

  9. You're very welcome - I always enjoy reading your blog :)